The Bird team is committed to making an impact on the cryptocurrency world today. We’re happy to announce that the NFT gaming and trading platform GAT Network — also a member of the Binance Labs Incubator Program — is our latest partner.

Bird continues to add great partnerships to the flock, making strategic advancements with one of the more influential, new projects on the Kusama Network.

Bird partners with KSM Started to provide wallet analytic data to their launchpad platform.

It’s time for us to level up our community members! We’re excited to announce Operation Bird Nest, our new ambassador program.

Bird is growing and it is an exciting time. As we build, it’s important that the Flock grows and gains in strength along with us.

Volume 1 • Issue 9

After an exciting and jam packed couple of months of intense development, we’re back to share our updates with The Flock. We’ve got a lot to cover from our Binance Labs Incubator Program selection through to community engagement programs. So let’s get to it!

Binance Labs Incubator Program

Bird receives formal investment from one of the industry’s most prestigious programs as Binance Labs becomes the official backer in the initial seed funding round for the first platform creating decentralized analytic products for Web 3.0

Binance Labs has selected Bird to participate in season 3 of its project incubator program.

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For!

The first and only NFT that is generated using your unique wallet transaction history is about to undergo its first mint, starting a revolutionary new class of NFT, the Analytic NFT.

Avian Avatars is the first mint of the revolutionary new class of NFT, the aNFT or Analytic NFT

Vol 1 • Issue 8

Bird soars into the NFT space, analytics are in full flight, a trip across the pond, airdrops, YouTube reviews and a community competition; the growth and innovation coming from within the nest doesn’t stop.

Product, Platform, Protocol Updates

Bird Invents an Entirely New Type of NFT


Defi - Lending - Analytics

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